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Nurse Practitioner. Fertility Consultant. Author.

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Trisha is a nurse practitioner, author, and mom of three.

Trisha Zehrung is a nurse practitioner and health consultant focused on fertility and a holistic approach to health and wellness. She earned a doctorate degree in nursing and has authored numerous journal publications. Trisha is also wife to her amazing and supportive husband, a mom to three beautiful young children, and a devoted follower of Jesus. In her spare time, she loves serving on the worship team as a vocalist in her local church.

I know I can help you because I have been you.

The first time I questioned hormonal birth control and connected it to my laundry list of symptoms, I was told there was no other option if I did not want to be pregnant. Anyone who knows me knows that when someone tells me "there is no way", I find one. That was just the beginning, though. Once deciding I was ready to start a family, I was met with recurrent miscarriages and a refusal from my providers to dig deeper. I spent countless hours searching for answers that I couldn't get from the traditional medical model. I realized amidst my journey that I had to find a way to help other women who were having these same experiences. Since then, I have helped many women successfully optimize their fertility for their goals with a natural and holistic approach. I am so passionate about helping others and am excited for the opportunity to work with busy women to improve their health and achieve their goals.

Optimize your fertility for your goals in life.


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