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Want to maximize your results? Pair this workbook with 8+ hours of fertility content organized by modules, covering ALL of the fertility foundations & evidence-based recommendations to turn your fertility journey from stress & overwhelm to confidence & clarity. Get the EXACT blueprint my 1:1 clients are using to optimize their fertility & get pregnant!

Your Fertility Breakthrough includes:

◆ Module 1 ◆ Understanding Your Fertility ($300 value)

◆ Module 2 ◆ Recognizing & Tracking Your Fertile Signs ($300 value)

◆ Module 3◆ Nutrition to Support Your Fertility ($500 value)

◆ Module 4 ◆ Strategic Fertility Supplements ($500 value)

◆ Module 5 ◆ Movement & Fertility ($300 value)

◆ Module 6◆ Environmental Toxins & Their Effect on Your Fertility ($150 value)

◆ Module 7 ◆ Sleep & Stress ($300 value)

◆ Module 8 ◆ Spiritual Health & Positive Mindset ($200 value)

◆ BONUS: Module 9 ◆ Gut Health, Inflammation, & Insulin Resistance ($500 value)

Total Value: $3,050

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Fast-Track to Fertility Workbook

8-week jumpstart to lower inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and optimize fertility! 

What you'll get:

  • fertility nutrition essentials and an 8-week meal plan/prep guide
  • fertility-friendly movement ideas and strength training guide
  • fertility supplementation recommendations for women & the men, too! (and a 10% discount)
  • fertility detox demystified and it's not what you think!
  • spiritual health and positive mindset with my favorite positive affirmations
  • evening routine and morning routine guides, meal and workout tracker, low toxin swap recommendations, and more!

[No refunds on this product. This product is for personal use only, please do not distribute this product to others. This workbook is not medical advice.]